The EBA Symposium

Conscious Evolution.
Understand the Terrain

Understanding the context of modern healthcare is crucial for operating successfully in modern medicine. The current healthcare climate is creating vast opportunities for the acupuncture profession to play a leading role in improving public health. In order to make the largest positive impact, come learn the key forces at play to skillfully navigate the modern healthcare landscape in order to confidently offer and expand your services.

Upgrade your communication

We know that our medical models are powerful. But the lingo we use can make it challenging to communicate what we do to those outside of the profession. Learn what cutting edge research says about the human body and how this relates to medical models we already know and successfully use to treat our patients.

Create more impact

Knowledge is power. Learn the key tools and key research to allow you to practice and communicate confidently with patients and medical professionals alike. Learn the skills required for future leaders of our profession.

Welcome to the Symposium

The EBA is run by volunteers and leaders all over the world who see a central role for acupuncture in the future of medicine and know that this won’t happen on its own, that we must work together with creativity and compassion to make it so. A big part of this goal is about empowering you, the practitioner, who is fascinated by science and the human body and practices a powerful medicine developed in a different time and place. Feeling congruent and confident in the context of modern healthcare can be challenging without the right tools and understanding.

Welcome to the EBA Symposium.