Patients suffering from stomach and duodenum ulcers often times look for help outside of mainstreem medicine. Clinical effectiveness of acupuncture as an auxiliary method in treatment of this illness is doubtless, yet there is no clinical survey that would provide it’s confirmation. When gastroesophageal reflux was discusted, it was said that acupuncture added to basic dose of proton pump inhibitor is more efficient than doubling the dose(source)1 . Influence of random techniques of needle acupuncture on electrical activity of stomach was also researched(source)2.

There is lot of reports considering experiments on animals that describe the influence of described method on function of stomach and prevention or treatment of stomach ulcers. Research shows that:

  • Electroacupuncture of points on YanMing meridians improve circulation in mucosa, regulates level of motilin and somatostatin, and also reduces stomach cramps of rats with stomach ulcers(source)3,
  • Electroacupuncture used on rabbits on points mentioned above protects mucosa against damage, probably thanks to secretion of wazoactive intestinale peptide and production of somatostatin(source)4,
  • Stimulation of Yan Ming points reduces damage of mucus, increases level of nitric dioxide in mucus, synthase of nitric oxide, E2 proglansyne and epidermal growth factor(source)5 
  • Electroacupuncture prevents rats from having stomach ulcers, probably thanks to influencing autonomic nervous system(source)6
  • Moxibustion of St36 and St21 protects mucus of rats with stress induced ulcers. This effect is closely tied to influence on TGF-alpha synthesis and proliferation of mucus cells, and also reduction of apotosis of mucus cells and higher expression of HSP70(source)7
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