Acupuncture – anti-inflammatory effect and immunomodulation

This article is under construction and will be published later.

Acupuncture started being scientifically researched because of its effectiveness in the treatment of pain. Many clinical trials involving thousands of participants proved that acupuncture is effective treatment methods for various kinds of pain, as well as provided wide range of different mechanisms explaining that action.

During excessive research on pain scientists described also the influence of acupuncture on the inflammatory processes and immunity. Modern medicine understands  inflammation as very complex reaction involving different networks of processes. Also immunity is multithreaded process happening constantly on different levels of functioning of the body. Acupuncture seems to regulate various processes simultaneously, and is potentially very important method modulating immunity and inflammatory response of the body.

There are many articles and findings from different studies describing various elements of general acupuncture influence on immunity. Analyzing  them in order to show in appropriate way takes time, so the article will be published here later.

  • In 2013 InTech published very interesting book called “Acupuncture in Modern Medicine. The third chapter of this book is devoted to the role of acupuncture in the modulation of immunity and can be found here

  • Also in 2013 a group of Australian researchers published an article describing in details the anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture and their relevance to allergic rhinitis, here.

  • The role of acupuncture in immunomodulation is presented in the article written by Turkish scholars and published in 2008 in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, here