There are no evidence what so ever for effectiveness of acupuncture in treatment of lung cancer of any sort. It is imperative, that such diagnosis should be followed by conventional treatment.

Nonetheless in 2013 American College of Chest Physicians published third edition of guidelines for complementary therapies based on scientific studies(source)1. Authors suggest that acupuncture can be used as remedy for vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and also pain and peripheral neuropathy in treatment in which control over those symptoms is insufficient.

Also in 2013 scholars from Montreal published results of experiment concerning the efficiency of acupuncture in addressing issues relative to the same disease and its treatment with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. (source)2 there was no control group in this study, nor it was randomized . During therapy significant improvement was notised in areas of pain, nausea, nervousness, depression and drowsiness. Apetite, strength and general wellbeing also reached higher level. Reduction of pain and improvement of wellbeing could be measured (2 points in ESAS scale).

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