History of acupuncture

This article is under construction and will be published later.

Acupuncture is a method of treatment which originated from China at least 2200 years ago. Following article will present the development of acupuncture in Chinese culture and its way to the West.

Acupuncture is a method of treatment in which the therapeutic effect is achieved by inserting a sharp thin needle into special points in the body, called points of acupuncture or simply acu-points. 

The origins of acupuncture are unknown. The oldest books about acupuncture were written probably in the time of Warring States, and were recorded in later bibliographies of Han dynasty dating approximately 200 BCE – 200 CE. Ancient Chinese were very skilled in iron casting, and technically were able to produce acupuncture needles about the 5th – 4th century BCE. Before that time they probably used “needles” made of fish bones, animal bones and/or stones.

For more than two millennia acupuncture was developing in China and was a part of Chinese Medicine

Following article will describe that development on the background of the history of Chinese society. That history was very dramatic, full of unexpected turns, and long. Long time is also needed to study it, so the article will appear here later.