Acupuncture was proved to be an effective method of treatment in many diseases. Also its mechanisms are constantly researched and described in details. This article will present less known or less researched indications for acupuncture. It starts with the discussion about the influence of acupuncture on the eye and its effectiveness in treating eye diseases. More indications will be added.

Acupuncture and eye moisturizing

Treatment offered by mainstream medicine is often limited to applying “artificial teardrops”, which is merely the alleviation of symptoms. The has proven to be effective treatment method here.



In examination on rats using electroretinography, the neuroprotective activity of acupuncture was proved which led to preservation of the retinal action in animals with induced glaucoma.


Retinitis pigmentosa

The patients revealed measurable substantial improvements in the scope of various parametres, they did not report any adverse effects.