Kidneys and urinary system

Japanese researchers proved, in animal model-based experiments, that the application of acupuncture improves intercontraction interval (ICI) in the course of mucous membrane irritation of urinary bladder, caused by the administration of acetic acid.  This activity takes place due to the impact on afferent C fibres(source)1.

Brazilian team, supervised by Josne C. Paterno, carried out the experiment based on the review of impact of acupuncture and moxibustion on functional parametres and histology of rats’ kidneys(source)2. In conclusions, the authors stipulated the influence of acupuncture on sympathetic nervous system and secretion of nitrous oxide which led to lowered arterial pressure and decreased proteinuria.



1 Hino K, Honjo H, Nakao M, Kitakoji H „The effects of sacral acupuncture on acetic acid-induced bladder irritation in conscious rats.” Urology. 2010 Mar;75(3):730-4

2 Josne C. Paterno et al. „Electroacupuncture and Moxibustion Decrease Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Retard Progression of Renal Disease in Rats” Kidney Blood Press Res 2012;35:355–364