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ACUpuncture In The EmergencY department for pain management (ACUITY) trial - Evidence Based Acupuncture


ACUITY is an NCCIH-funded, multi-site feasibility RCT of acupuncture in 3 EDs (Cleveland, Nashville, and San Diego). ACUITY acupuncturists were trained in study design, responsive acupuncture manualization protocol, logistics and real-time recording of session details via REDCap forms created to track fidelity.

This is the first RCT to assess and report fidelity to an acupuncture protocol.

Pragmatically, participants were treated in ED common areas (52%), private rooms (39%), and semi-private rooms (9%). Objective tracking found 98% adherence to the six components of the acupuncture manualization protocol: staging, number of insertion points (M = 13.2, range 2-22), needle retention time (M = 23.5 min, range 4-52), session length (M = 40.3 min, range 20-66), whether general recommendations were provided and completion of the session form.

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Integr Med Res. 2024;13(2):101048. doi:10.1016/j.imr.2024.101048

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