Introduction to Acupuncture Research Through the Lens of the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Mel Hopper Koppelman:
“I love to talk about research and how it supports so much of what we do, but before diving into the actual research itself, I think it could be really helpful to have a bit of a broad view about where this research comes from, what are some of the assumptions that underlie it, and how does an ancient medicine like ours fit in to how research is conducted.”

Last year, we were invited to guest lecture at a University in Setubal (near Lisbon), Portugal about all things acupuncture research, mechanisms, and women’s health.

Mel and Sandro presented a series of 5 lectures to the acupuncture students at the University (remember: acupuncture is a recognized profession in Portugal, so education is catching up!) and now we are happy to bring you a recorded version of one of those lectures, exclusively for EBA Connect.