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Pain Management

Pain is the best researched indication for acupuncture. Here we present actual state of medical knowledge about it.

Brain and nervous system

Effectiveness of acupuncture in neurology, as well as explanation of its action from biochemical and imaging research

Heart and circulatory system

Clinical trials confirming beneficial influence of acupuncture on circulatory system and explaining this effect.

Lungs and respiratory system

Description of effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of respiratory system and molecular mechanisms behind this effectiveness

Digestive system and metabolism

Actual state of knowledge about the influence of acupuncture on digestive system and its effectiveness in treatment of metabolic and digestive disorders

Inflammation and immunity

Research explaining effectiveness of acupuncture in immunostimulation and the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Psycho-emotional state

Description of mechanisms and effectiveness of acupuncture in treating various mental dysfunctions

Kidneys and urinary system

Analysis of trials researching the effectiveness of acupuncture in treatment of kidneys and urinary tract disorders

Female reproductive system

Effectiveness and molecular mechanisms of action of acupuncture in the treatment of gynaecological diseases

Male reproductive system

Influence of acupuncture on male reproductive system and description of researches explaining that action


Some less researched indications for acupuncture like skin diseases, eye disorders, and others 

Evidence Based Acupuncture was created to show the current state of knowledge about acupuncture,  using the language understood by Western scholars – the language of science.

The amount of availabla data is overwhelming. This project is still evolving and probably will never be finished as new data is produced almost every day. Any help would be useful – in analysing data, writing articles, translating them into different languages. If You think this idea fits You – write to us, join the team, lets change the world together!


Bartosz Chmielnicki